Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How to Prevent Ice Dams and the Roof Leaks They Cause

Here we're in the middle of another cold Massachusetts winter months and enjoy each winter here in New England many home owners will have important difficulties with ice dams causing brick pointing contractors and shingle damage.

Even though it may look as if ice dams are an unstoppable force of character, they're in reality quite preventable. Attics and cathedral or vaulted ceiling regions which have been properly incorporated into the total building envelope do not have problems with ice dams and icicles from the chilly seasons. During the use of suitable insulation and ventilation methods ice dams could be stopped cold (pun intended).
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Here a Normal situation for the formation of ice dams:

A home has a build up of snow on the brick pointing Bronx.
The temperature outside is below freezing.
The warmth within the loft is above freezing, hence increasing the temperatures of the brick pointing NYC to over freezing.
Due to the warm brickwork pointing contractors, the snow on top of it starts to melt from the ground up.
This melted snow water attempts to run off and down the roofing contractors Bronx NY.
The moment the water reaches the edge of the roofing contractors Bronx NY it gets exposed to the freezing air.
The water refreezes as ice rather than snow in the gutters, if present, and along the borders of the roof.
As more and more melted snow water continues to run down the roofing contractors Bronx NY it simply keeps freezing behind and in addition to the previously frozen run off, forming a bigger and bigger ice dam.
So How Do Ice Dams Cause Roof Leaks?

The melted snow water doesn't immediately freeze anymore after the ice dam has started to take shape. When the ice dam has built up a bit it literally makes a dam that traps the remaining portion of the water hoping to run off the roof repair Bronx behind it. While this trapped water will gradually freeze, it might take some time and during that time some of the shingles on this roof repair Bronx, behind the ice dam, are basically submerged in water.

Now, of course, your roof repair Bronx shingles are obviously supposed to guard your house against the weather i.e. rain and snow. But most roofing materials aren't meant to have a pond or river on top of those.

So What Can You Do To Prevent Ice Dams?

First and foremost you must recognize that proper insulation and ventilation is the key(see image on right). If we are talking about an attic area then typically this means that the insulation should run up the walls of your residence then over the attic floor joists forming a perfect insulation envelope. In the attic scenario, only the floor of the attic ought to be insulated, not the underside of the roof repair Bronx NY!

Proper ventilation is also required. Outside air has to have the ability to join the attic so the attic temperature is just like the temperature outside. You attain this ventilation through using gable vents, soffit vents, and roof repair Bronx NY.

In roof systems with attic areas below them, it is fairly straight forward to get a contractor that knows what they're doing to correct any problems so far as proper insulation and ventilation. However, brick pointing Bronx systems with a cathedral ceiling below them that have these issues are a lot more of a project to correct, but they might be corrected.

So as to have a properly ventilated and insulated cathedral ceiling the contractor must install baffles within each rafter bay before installing the insulation. These baffles allow air to flow through the soffit vents and the ridge vent which keeps the underside of the brick pointing Bronx the identical temperature as outside. If these baffles are not installed in your cathedral ceiling then the contractor will have to eliminate the present sheetrock and insulation from your ceiling so as to properly ventilate the region. This sort of project will be costlier than an attic undertaking.

Besides the ice dam issue, if your attic is warmer than the outside temperature you're also wasting a great deal of money heating that space. So basically you're spending extra money on your heating bill for the privilege of growing nice huge ice dams and icicles that cause waterproofing Bronx leaks and destroy your roof repair NYC. Kind of makes it even worse when you think of it that way doesn't it?

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